For information write to Mrs Sharon :

Computer hacker silhouette of hooded man with binary data and network security terms

"Sunerok" - is a Blockchain Engineer and has large experience in itcoin/Blockchain Creation/Development and Sorcery, Software Development, Penetration Testing/Network Vulnerability Scanning, Creating/Testing Encrypted Networks, User Privacy/Anonymity. He worked for e worked as a network administrator for a fortune 500 subsidiary and he runs many many many networks/servers. He's well known in Btc community.


Faceless hooded anonymous computer-network hacker with programming digital code in background, Computer network hacker concept

"Shrav" has over 15 years of experience in executive sales leadership in IT companies, building and managing sales teams and supplying components for IT infrastructure.

He has strong analytic & leadership skills as well as excellent knowledge of sales and market development processes.


"Penelope"is a fast talker when she’s onto a subject. Her mind seems to race most of the time.

Currently she is working on a project for an autonomous system detecting network attacks and taking special action in response...

She has the ability to equally value results and people.  She work swith and through people

Computer hacker silhouette of hooded man with binary data and network security terms

"Tommy" has a total of 20 years of programming experience writing in-house tools for IT companies, and quality assurance.

He has a  large expertise in bank software solutions and  works on projects ranging from high-availability stock trading software platforms.