Live a great lifestyle with a Revolutionary Cryptocurrencies' Family: Cnt and Cntf

These 2 coins were developed by highly experienced and well known Devs in the cryptocurrency community.

Cnt first main Dev was Sunerok, well known for being XVG Verge creator.

This doesn't surprise as Justin has always been involved in X11 algo since the beginning.

Cnt is X11 currency with high memory and was born in December 2016. Cnt official website is

Cntf is a fork of Cnt, occurred in November 2017. Devs of Cntf are different from Cnt. But they share a similar vision for a brilliant future.

Cntf joins the Bitcoin revolution platform as the first worldwide Hybrid Equihash with poS and poW.

As it uses a special mining protocol is fully Asic resistant and allows anyone to mine it even using a low power laptop.

Cntf official website is

CNT- Fast transaction

Energy efficient blockchain and strategic reward system make Centurion the smart choice in cryptocurrency world.


Security: The algorithm uses eleven hashing functions from the Blake algorithm to the Keccak algorithm making it very secure which really is needed for coins that do so well for CPU’s 

Effectiveness: The X11 Algorithm gives amazingly fast hashes for both GPU’s and CPU’s. It also keeps GPU’s over 30% cooler making your expensive graphic cards less prone to overheating. The reason? Graphic cards don’t require as much processing power in order to mine the coins with this algorithm 

Power Cost: Due to how effective it is, graphic cards do not require that much power in order to mine it. Therefore, you will see significantly lower electricity costs at the end of the month. This makes coins running this algorithm to be a favorite in places where electricity costs are far from bearable.



Centurion is a safe and secure asset in a risky cryptocurrency environment.
Centurion is much more decentralized than most of available coins on the market.
Centurion Devs are the same that created a daily million dollars coin exchanges.

CNTF- Real Mineability for anyone

Cnt Future it uses Equihash Algo and is suitable for both CPU mining and GPU mining.


This allows ordinary users to be able to take part in securing the network and earning rewards through mining in a democratic way.

CNT FUTURE is intended to prohibit mining systems known as Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), which are circuits customized for highly efficient Cryptocurrency mining. According to the developers of CNT, the use of ASIC mining has resulted in mining becoming too centralized in a small number of miners and has resulted in larger companies having too much control and influence over the direction of many crypto currencies.



Equihash is a memory-hard problem, more suited to general-purpose computers with lots of memory than to special hardware chips. “If 10,000 miners with a single PC were active, in CNT FUTURE the investment to compete with them would be 10,000 times the price of a PC, while with Bitcoin, or most of other altcoins the investment would be significantly smaller.


Proof of Work (POW)

is a piece of information that is complex (time-consuming, expensive) to produce to satisfy particular conditions. Verification of that information, however, should be as easy as possible. The purpose of PoW (Proof-of-work algorithm) is to check if calculations were indeed conducted during the creation of a new block of cryptocurrency.

Proof of Stake (POS) 

is a method of securing a cryptocurrency network through requesting users to show ownership of a certain amount of currency similar to the Bitcoin Superstar App. It is different from proof of work systems that run hashing algorithms to validate electronic transactions.


International Staff

Team is composed by international devs and helpers from Bielorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Uk, Israel, Usa,  that contributed to create this project with a new technology behind. There're high qualified talents and at the right time in the right place, the  Team will be introduced to the world.


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I love x11. There’s a great future. Cnt is built to stay.
JustinBlockchain Developer